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"Occasionem carpe," Mother used to whisper into my ear.

Seize the opportunity.

I stood in the open field filled with wildflowers for it was Persephone's time to visit her mother, Demeter. Apollo had ridden off with his chariot and it was only Selene and I. Even the winds Zephyrus blew, were warm as they danced through the grass.

"Caerus, I will seize thee," I warned.

The night before had been peaceful. I was at a music festival, watching the youths and maidens dance to the music and chants, celebrating Persephone's return. Within the gaggle of dancers, I spotted a heated gaze. A youth, with burning blue irises and pomegranate red lips, watched me as I stood with my companions.

One of the girls around me dared to call the youth's attention towards me. His lips swayed into a gentle smile and my knees felt weak while blood flushed my cheeks.

How dare the heavens create a man with such beauty?

But that is why I wait here under Selene's light. For tonight I will seize Caerus' hair and take the opportunity. This can only be an opportunity sent by the gods.

The Western winds blew stronger and I felt my dress get pulled harder. I heard him before I saw him. Caerus was running, the wings on his heels flew in the air like the broken leaves in the wind. The small tuff of hair he had in front of his bald head stood out like golden strands in the night.

I waited.

His youthful figure ran closer through the fields and the wildflowers parted for Zeus' youngest. Our eyes met and I clenched my teeth, my legs were firmly rooted, but my fingers itched to grab his hair.

He came closer.

Barely a breath away so I could snatch... snatch!

The god's head whipped back as I gripped his hair in my hand. My knuckles turned white as the god pulled and yelled. He snatched my hand and cursed at his father, but I could only grin.

The victory was mine.

And thus, I seized my opportunity.