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hi hi!!! i was told to post my au content here so thats what i will do!!

quick note!! if something is this color, it is a link and you can click on it! certain words or terms have a link explaining it or the context, so if you don't understand something be sure to check the link!

introduction .. so, a short rundown of what this is all about: i make mythology content, but different. i basically just take stuff from mythology and change it to make it my own! so like characters, myths, places, relationships, and everything else you can think of. here is the official project website if you're interested!

the bulk of this first post will be me explaining all of the characters, so yeah! let's get into it

we can start with.... the olympians! (i'll go in alphabetical order)

  • aphrodite - horrible person little bitch, hate her with a passion (that is a demand) main colors are yellow, pink, white, blue! she has a flower crown and a white dress and blue eyes! she's extremely hypocritical and insults people constantly
  • apollo - ok i hate him but less. he's afraid of being perceived as weak so he covers up his true personality with a facade of pessimism and judgeyness. he only shows his true self around hya (GAY! :D) main colors yellow, orange and white! he has a sun eyepatch which he uses to cover his right eye (story for that: he was born with a blind eye and he was so ashamed of it that he tried to carve it out but ended up making it a complete mess so now he just covers it) he also has a sun shawl that he wears always
  • ares - OMG BABY BOY CHILD BABY SHY WAR CHILD BABY!!!!!!!!! not irritable and violent like you're told! he's shy and quiet and will probably cry if you try and make him angry (don't make him cry please i beg) THOUGH if you somehow do make him angry, he is very destructive (him becoming angry is how dion lost his eye and also ties into the seasons myth) main colors: black, red, grey and brown! he has a scar over his left eye and is missing his right hand (story for that: athena accidentally cut it off when they were young [she is addicted to accidentally hurting her friends COUGH pallas COUGH] and yes he was right handed so he had to learn to use his left) the scar still has no story lol. he always carries a sword on his back even though he never uses it
  • artemis - she has no personality (derogatory) just kidding she's quiet and blind (since birth) and usually sticks around her bro often. great hearing, intelligent. also an asexual lesbian with an AWESOME gf named nike (they love each other very much hehehe) main colors are: dark blue, purple, light blue, and black! she has moon earrings and sweater and headband
  • demeter - farm person *laughs evilly* literally irrelevant except for the seasons myth im not kidding. demestia for lifers!! ✌ idk man she hangs out w/ hestia a lot lawl and is overprotective of persy even tho persy actually hates her guts (real) main colors: beige, muted green, and denim blue! she's got a farmer hat and overalls! and wheat symbols on the end of her sleeves
  • hades - DADDY? SORRY, DADDY? SORRY, DADDY? SORRY, DADDY? SORRY hi i like hades, like a lot a lot!!! he is the fan favorite and has the most art and UGH i love him. and u will too (you'd better!!!!!) he's cold and serious usually, and good with kids. usually doesn't leave his house, mostly gets all his shit from deliveries from hermes (whom he loves very much hehehe hadmes my beloved babies) he's horrible at baking/cooking but loves to do it anyway and is so proud of what he makes even though it looks and tastes real bad, but you wouldn't turn down a cookie from hades would you? you would never crush his spirit like that would you? (SAY NO) main colors are red, black, and yellow! he's got glasses and earrings and a ram design on his shirt (golden ram WOOP)
  • hephaestus - certified poseidon simp B) the "hot" in hot water (hot water is the nickname for hepheidon [hephaestus x poseidon] you will hear me use it a lot in general conversation, just know that's what I mean) his personality kinda changed a bit from when I first made him, he's kinda stuck up but in an endearing way, he's really good at making things and is really helpful most of the time. some notable projects he's worked on: 1. TJ HORSE 1000, or TJ1000, or tj1k (you will see me refer to it as all of these, they all mean the same thing) which is the braithology version of the trojan horse. he worked on this project with daedalus. it was supposed to help them win the war against troy since troy had alectronics on their side, but it ended up backfiring when the horse gained sentience and turned on its creators. the tj1k debacle is a large reason why greece lost the war. 2. Talos! Talos is an android, originally made by alectronics. he is a model a2 version 1 (a prototype of pirithous' model) and was the company's first attempt at adding a ptbh to their machines. shortly after he was constructed, the company moved facilities, and he was accidentally left behind. he sat there for a long while, rusting and rotting away. part of his arm fell off and drifted away in a flood. eventually, heph found him while looking for supplies, and took him back to his workshop to fix him up. he was able to get him working again, but a lot of things don't work properly anymore (his eye will go berserk sometimes, his arm is missing, his personality is janky due him being a prototype, his voice box is fried and sounds weird, etc) heph still loves him though just the way he is, and Tal looks up to heph as a sort of father figure 3. various weapons and things seen in braithology: he built the ski lift off the side of mount olympus alongside dae, he made ares' sword, hades' fan, iris' staff, hecate's wand, eros' bow and arrows, poseidon's trident, athena's armor, charon's boat, and all his own tools and even work table, he built the obelisks and hecate's portals, he designed various buildings such as hades' castle, the eclipse headquarters, and the wall of troy, he even came up with the idea for the elevator to the underworld! he's also worked on various other small projects on his own time and made little gadgets and trinkets with the help of dae. so safe to say he's done some shit lmao (he also takes commissions ;D) anyway this description has become very long now lol so ill go ahead and do design notes! main colors are red, orange, yellow, black, brown and green! he has a top hat and cape and fire emblems on various parts of his design. he's got gold bands in his hair and green eyes (btw YES he has a hammer that's not just a thor thing)
  • hera - subway addict™ she recently got a lot of depth because me and a friend have been talking about herc's labors (post about that coming soon! right after we finish fixing the plot and stuff) but generally she's loud and bossy and has a boston accent because I said so, she disagrees with zeus 95% of the time and victim blames constantly idk why they don't just get divorced tbh anyway the "subway addict" title came from an inside joke, i was generating random hunger games sims with my characters and i changed it so when they died it said they "went to subway", and hera kept dying early so me and the friend i was sharing it with decided to nickname her "subway addict" cause she simply couldn't resist it, and now it just evolved into an actual personality trait so YES she likes subway a little too much 😏 main colors: light brown, black, pink and blue! she has a gravity defying tie and earrings and a watch literally everything else is just generic lol
  • gonna go eat now!! ill pick up again w hermes!! :DD