Qui-Gon is Reborn

As Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn passed into the Force in that galaxy far, far away, little did any mere mortal from the insignificant planet known as Earth realize that he was, in the same instant, reborn. Yes, at that moment, a girl, whose brain was already pretty messed up to begin with, was stripped of every conscious thought she had ever known, and replaced by a torrent of terror and slavery that the human world knows as Star Wars. There was no going back.


At that same instant, possibly the same year, QGR experienced one of the most brilliantly influential films in her fifteen years. The Vikings, starring the remarkable talents of Tony Cutis and Kirk Douglas. Her mind was suddenly bombarded by the bloody conquests of maurading invaders, and their boldly powerful shouts of "Odin!!!" Life was never very boring after that.

The Chosen Ones

QGR is currently taking much interest in this little Wiki, and thinks that it contains the potential for much growth and expansion. It's actually quite a breath of fresh air from the massive and somewhat stifling Wookiepedia. Sooo, a new hobby, and much consequential editing...




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