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  • Remove mythical and mythological from categories (done).
  • Remove legenedary from categories (done).
  • Change creature to race (ongoing).
  • Rename all greek pages to their Latinised or anglicised names (ongoing).
  • Change nature spirit to more generic term (done).
  • Remove Greek mythology from Roman pages and vice versa (except categories, infoboxes, and sources) as only common point is their relationships.
  • Remove yazatas and daevas from deities pages as they are deities in Hinduism, Armenian mythology, and Yazadanism not in Zoroastrianism in Zoroastrianism only Ahura Mazda, Ahriman, and Spenta Mainyu are deities and later three ahuras, Anahita, Baga, and Zurvan added to them.
  • Remove all age stages (men, boy, women, girl, oldmen, oldwomen) and replace them with sexes (but if we found the proper words), seriously genders and ages are defined by culture so they are not axiomatic and old thing like sexes. (examples for genders: cisgender, transgender, androgyne).

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  • Zoroastrianism is my favourite Magian religion. By the way; Surely yazatas are gods in Yazadanism and Hinduism but not in other Dharmic and Magian religions, being deities in Zoroastrianism or hypostases is arguable thing (sometimes they are seprated entities similar to angels) except few examples: Burz, Ahura Mazda, Anahita, Mithra, and those who were originally Hindus (like Usha).

Hypostases thing is also applied to Angra Mainyu (Ravanna) and his daevas.

And surely there is no god in Manichaeism except Zurvan. Like yazatas and daevas aeons are deities in neoplatonism but being deities in Gnosticism or Manichaeism is arguable thing, but surely the Monad is the greatest among aeons and considered god in all points of views.

Roman mythology

Roman mythology not exactly like Greek.

List of Roman deities of Greek origin:

  • Apollo, originally the only son with Latona but later Diana became his sister and she had no relation with Artemis except being both goddesses of hunts
  • Hercules (Heracles)
  • Libera (Ariadne)
  • Lucifer (Eosphorus), his brother Vesper is original Roman but identified with the Greek Hesperus
  • Proserpina/Proserpine (Persephone/Core)
  • Pluto (Hades)
  • Bacchus (Dionysus)
  • Inuus (Pan)
  • Vesta (Hestia)
  • Juventus (Hebe)
  • Although Jupiter is short for two words: Dios (Zeus) and Pater (Father) but he is not related to Zeus rather Dyeus whom was the origin of both two

List of Roman deities of non-Greek origin:

  • All Italic gods
  • Aphrodite based off Semitic goddess of same name which also known as Astarte/Ishtar which also based from Proto-Indo-European goddess Ster (Pria), but Venus is kind of different she was either based off Astarte directly or original Roman, but she is not related to Pria like Aphrodite and the Roman incarnation of Pria is Flora
  • Elagabalus based off Semitic god of the same name

The difference between Roman deities and Greek deities:

  • Artemis vs Diana
    • Artemis was the goddess of feminity, virginity, hunt, and moon
    • Diana was the goddess of feminity, hunt, moon, exits, and ends
    • Artemis was virgin
    • Diana had daughter with Lucifer and married with her brother Janus before
    • Artemis was thea or Olympian goddess
    • Diana was a primordial goddess and covered the roles of Artemis, Selene, and Hecate
    • The parents of Artemis were Zeus and Leto
    • The parents of Diana either Apollo, Caelus and Terra, or none (as a primordial goddess), but after the Hellenised of Rome she turned from daughter to Apollo into sister
  • Apollo vs Apollon
    • Apollo surely based from Greek Apollon via Etruscan god Aplu but they are different
    • Apollon had a twin sister
    • Apollo is the only child of Jupiter and Latona
    • Apollo has son not exist in Greek myths whom is Janus
    • Artemis is the sister of Apollon
    • Diana is either daughter of Apollo, or primordial goddess without parents, or daughter of Caelus and Terra
  • Neptune vs Poseidon
    • Poseidon based off goddess called Poseidia
    • Neptune based off male god called Neptonos
    • Poseidon born naturally from Cronus and Rhea
    • Neptune said to be born from waters similar to Aphrodite, Persian Burz, Hindu Agni and so on
    • Poseidon is the god of seas
    • Neptune is the god of fountains


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