I'm the God of the Admin Pantheon here at Myths and Folklore Wiki!

Hi, I'm iSodium! If you wish to contact me or have any questions at all, please post them on my talk page.

About Me----

I first started editing at Wikia under a different username at Nintendopedia (present-day Nintendo Wiki) where I contributed information on the Paper Mario series. I later left Wikia and ventured into the Wikis by Wetpaint hosting service where I started numerous wikis before I created one for all video game content. Unsatisfied with the lack of success and the limitations of the service, I came back to Wikia to start VG Wiki ("VG Resource Wiki") which was later merged with Video Game Wiki. After helping with the merge, becoming an admin, and contributing for many months, Video Game Wiki was then merged to Encyclopedia Gamia. I edited there until the original admins of Video Game Wiki decided to create another video game wiki under the name Last Level. I no longer contribute to wikis with information on all video games, choosing instead to contribute to smaller video game wikis with not as wide of a topic (like Nintendo 3DS Wiki). Also somewhere along the way I helped create a now-defunct logo for Nintendo 3DS Wiki and adopted Mythology Wiki. That is pretty much all there is to know about me besides a life-long history of experiences with video games.i also love everybody i meet.


Wikis I contribute to

See my video game collection here!

Favorite Mythology

  • Greek mythology
    • Jason and the Golden Fleece (Jason and the Argonauts)
    • Medea
    • Iliad (by Homer)
    • The Odyssey (by Homer)
    • The Ages of Man (by Hesiod)
    • Demeter and Persephone
    • Icarus and Daedalus
    • The Creation of the Titans and the Gods
    • The Twelve Labors of Heracles (by Apollodorus)
  • Anglo-Saxon mythology
    • Beowulf
    • King Arthur
  • Sumerian mythology
    • The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Norse mythology
    • Creation myth
    • The Theft of Thor's Hammer
    • The Death of Balder
  • Egyptian mythology
    • Osiris, Isis, and Horus
  • African mythology
    • The Creation of the Universe and Ife
    • The Origin of Life and Fire

Favorite Mythology Films

  • Troy
  • The Odyssey
  • Excalibur
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