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The Kamiyonanayo, otherwise known as the Seven Divine Generations, or the Seven Generations of the Age of Gods, is the series of gods born after the first primordial Kotoamatsukami deities were spawned from the heavens. Found in the Kojiki, these seven generations are made up of two Hitorigami (meaning they were gender-less and born without a partner), followed by five pairs of male-female gods and goddesses.

The Seven Generations

Hitorigami Deities

Considered gender-less in the Kojiki, these two gods spawned from the chaotic earth are sometimes considered male in the Nihon Shoki.

Male - Female Deities

  • Uhijini (male) & Suhijini (female)
  • Tsunoguhi (male) & Ikuguhi (female)
  • Ohotonoji (male) & Ohotonobe (female)
  • Omodaru (male) & Ayakashikone (female)
  • Izanagi (male) & Izanami (female)