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Sága is, in Norse mythology, a goddess of prophecy and wisdom. She is associated with Frigg. She is also associated with the Sökkvabekkr, where she met Óðinn nad drank with him. Her name is connected to the Old Norse verb "sjá", meaning "to see", possibly making her a seeress.


The etymology of the name Sága is generally held to be connected to the Old Norse verb sjá, meaning "to see" (from Proto-Germanic *sehwan). This may mean that Sága is to be understood as a seeress. Since Frigg is referred to as a seeress in the poem Lokasenna, this etymology has led to theories connecting Sága to Frigg. Rudolf Simek says that this etymology raises vowel problems and that a link to saga and segja (meaning "say, tell") is more likely, yet that this identification is also problematic.


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