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In Greek mythology, Phorbas (Greek: Φόρβας, gen. Φόρβαντος) or Phorbaceus may refer to:

Phorbas, was the son of Lapithes and Orsinome, and a brother of Periphas.

Phorbas, son of Triopas and Hiscilla (daughter of Myrmidon). Phorbas, king of Argos, father of a different Triopas who succeeded him as king. Phorbas, a shepherd of King Laius, finds the infant Oedipus on the hillside and ensures his survival to fulfill his destiny. A number of sculptures, ranging from the 14th to the 19th century, memorialize Phorbas' rescue of Oedipus. He might be the same as Phorbas, attendant of Antigone. Phorbas, listed as a king or archon of Athens. Phorbas of Lesbos, father of Diomede.

Phorbas of Troy, who was favored and made rich by Hermes. He had a son Ilioneus, who was killed by Peneleos. Phorbas, son of Metion of Syene, who fought on Phineus' side against Perseus. Phorbas of Acarnania, son of Poseidon, who went to Eleusis together with Eumolpus to fight against Erechtheus, and was killed by the opponent. Phorbas, one of the twelve younger Panes.

Phorbas, son of Helios and father of Ambracia (eponym of the city of Ambracia). Ambracia could also have been daughter of Augeas, granddaughter of Phorbas of Thessaly. Phorbas, who is called father of Tiresias by the Cretans. Phorbas, charioteer of Theseus.

Phorbas, father of Dexithea who, according to one version, was the mother of Romulus and Remus by Aeneas. The name Phorbas is not to be confused with Phorbus (Φόρβος), which refers to the father of Pronoe (wife of Aetolus)