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Paul Bunyan is a giant who is told in North American tales by lumberjacks and many times he is accompanied by his giant blue ox named Babe. Although stories of Paul Bunyan's size change depending on what someone else thinks most of the time and original he is a giant. Paul Bunyan is so big that he has made canyons by dragging his axe across the ground he has also made hills and lakes due to his size and strange. Paul Bunyan came into creation after combin combining myths from France, from Canada and from the tales of giants living in the Northern parts of the United States. Although Paul was a giant his parents weren't during his birth they were surprised about his size.

Because of his size Paul he needed much more milk then a normal baby plus no normal clothes could fit him. He also needed eat bigger meals and more food then a regular human. When ever Paul roles over in his sleep he would cause earthquakes due to his size. Paul Bunyan found his blue ox when he was just a boy one day in the winter it was snowing but this snow was different. It was blue so Paul went out side because he had never seen blue snow and that is when he found a baby ox last in the snow. Paul took the ox home and placed it next to the fire place to keep it warm when the snow melted of ox he found out that it was unusual. The ox was blue and he decided to name it Babe. Paul is so huge he could use his axe to clear wooded areas with one single swing with his axe. After chopping down trees Paul would use Babe to haul and pull trees Babe's feet would dig into the ground to make roads and paths. Paul Bunyan would dig up dirt and make lakes to give his giant blue ox Babe some water.

Though Paul is huge and he helped out many loggers he moves in and out of the forests and tries to make sure only a few people see him. While Paul Bunyan is mostly known for his strength and size those things weren't his only the amazing thing about him. He was also more skilled and more cleaver then any average man or average logger. Paul Bunyan's myths like most other North America myths original came from other parts of the world then the tales were combined together to create the legend of Paul Bunyan. While his tales original started in the Northern parts of the United States the stories eventually made to the wild west. The myths of Paul Bunyan go back to the 1700 and 1800s some stories even mention him taking part of the revolutionary war and civil war.