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Nyx was the Primordial Goddess of the Night, the veil, fertility and prophecy. Her Roman Equivalent is Nox.

She is a shadowy figure in Greek mythology but from the extracts about her, it can be gleaned that she was a figure of great beauty and power.

In Myth[]

She was born from the giant cosmic being called Khaos, and was a Protogenoi, an ancient being that existed long before the Olympians. With Erebos, her sibling and consort, she gives birth to many gods. Nyx is an essential part of the Greek creation myth, and was integral in the legend.

She is considered one of the most powerful deities, as can be seen when Hypnos, the god of sleep and her son, fled from Zeus after putting him to sleep on Hera's orders, so she could punish Heracles without Zeus's interference. Zeus found out about Hypnos's involvement and chased him. Hypnos fled to his mother Nyx, whom Zeus feared and respected. In some myths, Khaos did not exist and that Nyx herself in fact, was the first divine entity, promoting her power and importance.


Unlike many other deities, Nyx was not celebrated in a cult of her own, but was often in the background of many other major cults, including one dedicated to Artemis, one of her descendants.

Nyx's Children[]

Nyx had many children:

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