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Nun, is the primordial of chaos, void and of the cosmic ocean was a swirling mass of energy, all primordials came from him in Egyptian mythology.

It was the father of the entire Egyptian Mythology family. His female aspect is said to be Nunet He is also a member of the Ogdoad and he's the Father/Mother of Ra and is the equivalent of Khaos in Greek mythology.

The Ancient Egyptians envisaged the oceanic abyss of the Nun as surrounding a bubble in which the sphere of life is encapsulated, representing the deepest mystery of their cosmogony.

Nun before chaos

In Ancient Egyptian creation accounts the original mound of land comes forth from the waters of the Nun. The Nun is the source of all that appears in a differentiated world, encompassing all aspects of divine and earthly existence. In the Ennead cosmogony, Nun is perceived as transcendent at the point of creation alongside Atum the creator god.


  • Nun appears in the Hellboy Universe as Nunn-Jahad, one of the Ogdru Jahad, who serve as the main antagonists in the comics.