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A plate from the Swedish Vendel-era helmet featuring Óðinn riding Sleipnir, accompanied by Huginn and Muninn

The purpose of the Norse mythology project is to create high-quality articles dealing with the body of myths from ancient Norse culture. Our goal is to create easy to read, informational, and accurate articles that are properly sourced.

To participate, simply sign the list below, click a red link in the Norse mythology template (below) and create an article! Be sure to consider the format and information in other articles already created before starting a new one, so all articles will be consistent.

Additionally, you can help with the project by improving already existing articles, or rewriting any Norse mythology articles that may have been plagiarized form material from other sites. Plagiarized material is strictly forbidden on this website. You can browse Norse mythology articles by visiting the Norse Mythology Category Page!

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Current Participants

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Below is a place for members working on the Norse Mythology Project to propose tasks that should be completed by the project, such as pages needed, etc.

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Tasks Completed and Project Notes

  • As of August 8, 2006, most of the "blue" links in the Norse mythology template are simply placeholder pages, and not articles.
  • Added Thor Oct. 21, 2006
  • The Blót page has been created. ~ SJB1995
  • The basis for Barnstokkr page is prepared. Hopefully this would be a better start. ~ SJB1995