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Enil-One of the three greatest ancient mesopotamian gods.

Mesopotamian mythology is the collection of stories and beliefs that illustrate the beliefs of the world's first modern civilization. Their views and culture was one of purity and being completely pristine and untouched by outside influence since there really was no one to interfere due to them being still living like their ancestors did. Their mythology was the beginning of all mythologies to come.

Even Old mythologies like the Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese and Indian were probably influenced by Mesopotamian mythology. they had a lot of figures which were the first of their kind. This would include stories like the famous epic of Gilgamesh


Mesopotamian mythology is full of heroes and gods that were the first of their kind. These would include Tiamat, Ishtar, Enki, Apsu, Marduk and Anu, Inanna and Kingu. These gods were all created solely out of pure belief that simple phenomenon in nature they couldn't explain was because of a higher deity. This gave rise to the concept of a god. Ancient Mesopotamian were polytheistic in that they believed that these deities were all categorized and did different jobs and deeds like say Gilgamesh doing heroic things which is written in the epic of Gilgamesh.

Mesopotamian Pantheon

Some Mesopotamian Gods are:


There are currently nothing recorded about ancient Mesopotamian cosmology. However there is only one account about ancient Mesopotamian mythology. It is that the god Marduk killed the mother goddess Tiamat and used half her body to create the earth, and the other half to create both the paradise of šamû and the netherworld of irṣitu. The rest is buried in history