Maman Brigitte is a Loa and the wife of Baron Samedi. She is always seen drinking rum infused with hot peppers or sometimes she just seen eating the peppers. Her colors are green, black and purple.

Unlike the other Loa Maman Brigitte is the only white Voodoo Loa and god. This is because her origins come from Ireland, not Africa. The belief and worship of Maman Brigitte began when the Irish brought their goddess Brigid and other myths over to the new world. The Irish goddess Brigid and the Irish saint Brigid of Kildare were both infused with the Voodoo religion and the Lo'as behavior to make a new goddess. She protects the dead, gravestones, tombs and cemeteries.

Because of some of Maman Brigitte traits coming from Saint Brigid and Ireland Maman Brigitte is associated with the cross. She is always seen with one like how she always has rum and hot peppers. Maman Brigitte looks after the dead that are properly marked with a cross. Maman Brigitte wasn't only created from the stories of Brigid she was also created and inspired by other Irish myths and legends. Like her husband and the other Loa Maman Brigitte loves to party, celebrate, drink, listen to music and dance. She is a guardian, protector, judge, saint and a priestess. Like her husband Baron and many of the other Loa Maman Brigitte foul language. Because of her obscenity she is not afraid to tell the truth and speak from the heart. She likes to have fun and is not afraid to say what is on her mind.

While created and inspired by Irish myths Maman Brigitte's personality and behavior are inspired by the Voodoo religion and the Loa. But while her personality comes from the Loa her saint title and her cross come from Irish religion. While some inspirations come from the goddess Brigid some of her traits come from a real person known as Saint Brigid Kildare. Maman Brigitte teaches people not to fear death but to respect it and also to respect the those who die as well as to remember the dead. She cares for the dead and wants others do care for the dead as well she also guides them as well as guards them. Even though Maman Brigitte is a mischievous trickster like other Lao she takes her role more seriously then the others. While she does like to have fun and party she also knowsthat she has to do her job.

Maman Brigitte is tough, serious, fun loving, the life of the party, caring, protective, religious, respectful, loud, rowdy and wild. Despite the fact of her rude and foul mouth she is also well spoken and behaves in a regal manner. Even though she ahas the power over the dead Maman Brigitte is priestess and teacher in healing.

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