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This article is about the fallen angel. For Roman deity or spirit of the same name, see Lucifer (genius).

Lucifer—also known as Eosphorus, Phosphorus, Helel, or Helal (formerly known as Azezel in Christianity and Azazil/Uzayzil in Islam)—is a fallen angel Prince of Pride from Christianity and the second in commend of demons. He sometimes is identified with Satan but regardless of doctrine they are sometimes different: Lucifer was a cherub or seraph and the Personification of Vanity; Satan was and still one of seraphs and hold position on Heaven and Gehenna as a Prince of Wrath.


The name Helel was originally Helal and a title for real-life human king or possibly a Jewish demon; The title "Helal Ben-Sehr" means: Crescent-Son of the Morning or Crescent-Son of the Magic. The word Helal can translates as either crescent or bright; the word "sehr" variously translates as star, morning, magic, or magician.

Lucifer is not related to Lucifer from classical mythology because in Christian times for Holy Roman Empire and Greece Lucifer is no longer worshipped by Greeks and Romans and replaced by Vesper then Vesper was demonised by identified him with as Lucifer. Both two Lucifers and Vesper are related somehow to Arabian god Attar.



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