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Kunitokotachi, otherwise known as Kuni no tokotachi (国之常立神 in the Kojiki, 国常立尊 in the Nihon Shoki), is an ancient primordial god and one of the first deities to appear from the chaos of the world. In the Kojiki he is described as genderless, while in the Nihon Shoki he is described as a male god.

He is considered a god of the land, specifically of the mountains, and is said to reside on top of Mount Fuji.

In Mythology

After the unfolding and separation of heaven and earth, and while the earth was still in chaos, the first gods appeared. From the heavens came the Kotoamatsukami, and from the chaos of the earth rose Kunitokotachi and Kuninosatsuchi, born from "something like a reed that arose from the soil" [1]. These two were the first of the Seven Divine Generations, known as the Hitorigami in the Kojiki, as they came alone rather than in a pair. At first an abstract being without form, he began to represent the foundation of the land.

  • In the Nihon Shoki Kunitokotachi is considered the very first to be born of all the gods. while in the Kojiki he is said to have risen sixth.


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