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The Kotoamatsukami (別天津神), or the Distinguishing Heavenly Deities, is the collective name in Shintoism for the first group of primordial gods to come into existence upon the creation of the Universe. This group includes five deities, each born in the Plain of High Heaven without procreation.

List of Deities

Zōkasanshin (three deity of creation)

These three were the first to arrive, and were generally considered genderless. This grouping contains Creator gods.

  1. Amenominakanushi (天之御中主神) - Central Master
  2. Takamimusubi (高御産巣日神) - High Creator
  3. Kamimusubi (神産巣日神) - Divine Creator

Other Dieties

These two came later after the first three of the Kotoamatsukami. These gods each represent a universal attribute.

  • Umashiashikabihikoji (宇摩志阿斯訶備比古遅神) - Energy
  • Amenotokotachi (天之常立神) - Heaven