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The kishin, kijin or onigami [note 1] (Japanese: 鬼神 hidden/supernatural/wrathful/fierce god/deity/spirit/divine being, feminine: kijogami 鬼女神) are words used for oni gods and fierce deities in Shinto and Buddhism.

List of Shinto kishin

List of Buddhist kishin

This list is not completed yet


  • Asuras. ("Also known as ashura.")
  • Dharmapala
  • Gandharvas. <{("Also known as kendatsuba.")}>
  • Garudas. <{("Also known as karura.")}>
  • Nagas. <{("Also known as dragons and tatsu.")}>
  • Yakshas. <{("Also known as yasha.")}>


  1. various pronunciations for same word