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Hjördís (Old Norse: Hjǫrdís) is the third wife of Sigmundr and mother of Sigurðr in Norse mythology.


The name Hjǫrdís comes from Old Norse words hjǫrr ("sword") and dís ("minor goddess").

Völsunga saga

Hjördís is mentioned in the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda. Her husband, Sigmundr, was defeated by Óðinn, wearing a disguise, in the battle against King Lyngvi. When his sword, Gramr, broke on Gungnir, the spear of the god, Hjördís carefully picked up the fragments so that her son Sigurðr could later use them. Later, Reginn forges the blade from the fragments, which Sigurðr uses to kill the dragon Fáfnir.

Hjördís moved to King Hjálprekr, at whose court Sigurðr grew up until he was taken care of by the aforementioned Reginn, where he learned to forge.

Hjördís was married Álfr Hjálpreksson, son of the King.



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