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Uranus, the primordial sky god of Greek mythology.

Gods, the plural form of god, is the term for male deities, but like the term "god" it can also be used as a neutral term that includes all deities, whether male or female. The term "goddesses" can be used to define multiple female deities, but is less common.


The gods in several mythologies, such as the Greek, Norse and Egyptian deities, could be considered just aspects of a main God, such as that of Christianity, because of the ancient civilizations need to attribute the marvelous events in nature to something bigger and more powerful than their mortal authorities.

Other theories imply that the Christian God and Allah, the Muslim deity (which are one and the same) were conceived by merging the various aspects of several gods from Greek and other pantheons, therefore suggesting God is just another interpretation of ancient civilizations constant need to explain their origin and that of the Universe.

Gods in Western Culture

Greek mythology

Zeus, the king of the Greek gods

In Greek mythology, the term god is used to describe or to refer to any of the various divine beings in the Greek pantheon. The first wave of gods are generally thought to have emerged either from Khaos, each other or an empty void. The second wave of gods, which were the children of Gaia, were known as Titans. The third wave of this beings are the sons and daughters of the Titans, and were refer to as gods. Gods would normally have supernatural powers commonly associated with locations or specific elements of nature, such as: Zeus (lightning and sky), Poseidon (water and the seas), Cronus (time).


The Christian God depicted in Renaissance art.

In Christianity and in its divisions deriving from it (such as Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodoxy), God is the primordial divine being and only god to exist. The creation of the Universe and all life on it is attributed to God. God is also referred to as Yehovah (Jehovah) YHWH (Yahweh) G-d (to those who view the name as too sacred to be written) and (in Arabic) Allah.


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