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In Roman mythology, the genius (Latin[ˈɡɛnɪ.ʊs]; plural geniī, genii or geniuses) also knowns as daemon (in Greek mythology) is the individual instance of a general divine nature that is present in every individual person, place, or thing. Much like a guardian angel, the genius would follow each man from the hour of his birth until the day he died. For women, it was the Juno spirit that would accompany each of them.

Main types of Genius

  • Genii Chrysei / Golden Genii
  • Genii Agyrei / Silver Genii
  • Genii Agathi / Noble Genii
  • Good Genius
  • Evil Genius

Other Categories of Genii:

  • Agraeian Genii/ Genii Georgici
  • Chthonian Genii/ Genii Chthonian
  • Eastern Genii/ Proseous Genii
  • Places Genii/ Genii Locorum
  • Rustic Genii/ Genii Nomian
    • Pottery Demons / Daemonī Ceramici
  • Sea Genii/ Genii Halian
  • Sky Genii/ Genii Uranian


  • The word "genius" has come to mean a person of high intellect.