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Nauplius II

The Euboeans were a peoples who lived on the island of Euboea off the eastern coast of Greece. They resided mainly in Eretria and Chalcis


  1. Nauplius, son of Poseidon and Amymone
  2. Damastor, son of Nauplius
  3. Proteus, son of Damastor, brother of Polydectes and Dictys (both kings of Seriphos)
  4. Lernus, son of Proteus
  5. Naubolus, son of Lernus

    Location of Euboea

  6. Clytones, son of Naubolus

    Palamedes before Agamemnon

  7. Nauplius, son of Clytones, vowed revenge on Agamemnon for the wrongful stoning of his son, incited the wives of Achaean chieftains to commit adultery
  8. Palamedes, heir to the throne