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In Norse mythology, Eldhrímnir (Old Norse "fire-sooty"[1]) is the cauldron in which the cook of the gods, Andhrímnir, prepares Sæhrímnir every evening.

According to verse 18 of Grímnismál, the Eldhrímnir is described as:

Andhrímnir lætr í Eldhrímni
Sæhrímni soðinn, fleska bezt;
en þat fáir vitu,
við hvat einherjar alask.

In Eldhrímnir Andhrímnir cooks
Sæhrímnir's seething flesh;
The best of food, but few men know
On what fare the warriors feast.[2]

Andhrimnir in Eldhímnir
has Sæhrimnir boiled;
the best of bacons, though few know
how the Einherjar are fed.[3]



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