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A demigod is a minor deity, sometimes synonymous with the gender-neutral term demideity, but more commonly the term is used to describe a demideity that is male, while demigoddess is the feminine.

Demigods usually are the product of intercourse between a human and a deity, though in some cases the term demideity can describe a mortal that has been promoted to a minor deity after death.[1] Demigods typically have powers and abilities that are beyond what is possible for a human, but less than that of a true deity.[2]

Demigods are most notably known from ancient Greek mythology, though similar concepts can be found in mythologies around the world.


The term used in ancient Greece for a demigod was "hemitheos," with the prefix "hemi-" translating to English as "half" and "theos" being the term for "god.[3]"

In Latin the term "semideus," which has been attributed to the famous poet Ovid, referred to less important deities, but also was used to describe demigods.[4] The prefix "semi-" translates to English as either "half," making it synonymous with the Greek "hemi-," or it can translate to "partially," or "less than fully." the Latin term "deus," translates to English as either "god" or "deity.[5]"

The Latin prefix used in the English term, "demi-," also translated to "half," but can also translate to "partially," or "slightly inferior.[6]"

List of Demigods in Greek Mythology[]

List of Demigods in Other Mythologies[]

Hindu Mythology[]

Mayan Mythology[]

  • Hunahpu (son of Xquic)
  • Xbalanque (son of Xquic)

Mesopotamian Mythology[]

Native American Mythology[]

  • Nayenezgani (Son of Tsohanoai, Navajo)
  • Tobadzistsini (Son of Tsohanoai, Navajo)

Irish Mythology[]

  • Cú Chulainn (son of Lugh)
  • Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (son of Donn, foster son of Aengus)
  • Mongán mac Fiachnai (son of Manannán mac Lir)
  • Nia Segamain (son of Flidais)

Norse Mythology[]

Polynesian Mythology[]

  • Māui (adopted)

Roman Mythology[]

African Mythology[]

  • Moni-Mambu (son of Nzambi a Mpungu)
  • Sudika-Mbambi and Kabundungulu (twin sons of daughter of Moon and sun).
  • Ntikuma, Nankonhwea, Afudohwedohwe and Tikelenkelen (sons of Anansi)
  • Zumbi dos Palmares (owned by Orixas)
  • Ryan'gombe (son of Babinga)
  • Yeta I, Mwanasolundwi Muyunda Mumbo wa Mulonga, Inyambo and Ingulamwa (sons of Nyame)
  • Mwindo (demigod-like)
  • Imhotep (son of Thoth)
  • Apis (son of Ptah)
  • Petsuchos (son of Sobek)

In Popular Culture[]

In Film[]

  • The demigod Hercules appears in many films, most notably the eponymous Disney film, and the 2015 action film of the same name starring Dwayne Johnson.
  • Perseus appears in the film Clash of the Titans, and the sequel Wrath of the Titans.
  • Maui the demigod in the Disney movie Moana was the one who wanted the people to love him.
  • Rick Riordan’s books: Percy Jackson saga, shows the life and struggles of many demigods that goes to Camp Half-Blood, being visited by their godly parents and getting missions assigned.



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