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Curupira (Tupi: kuru'pir, The Covered with Pustules or Boy's Body) is a creature of Brazilian folklore and mythology. It is an entity that protects the forests and animals from hunters. It inhabits the woods and its main feature are its feet turned back.


According to legend, the Curupira is a boy with ruy hair that wanders through the woods using false signs to confuse hunters, woodcutters or anyone who damages their habitat.

He can leave footprints on the forest floor, but as his feet are turned back, he can fool anyone who chases him, making the person think that instead of going he is coming.

The Curupira also have the ability to leave people stunned with their scary whistles, leaving the person dizzy, sluggish and with headache. This trick ends up leaving the victim lost and unable to find the way back home.


Usually Curupira is portrayed as a boy of short stature, feet turned back, red hair (in some regions of Brazil he has fire hair), his black skin but he is also seen with a greenish skin.

Some descriptions portray Curupira as a girl.

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