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Byggvir (meaning "barley") was a servant of Freyr in Norse mythology. He and his wife Beyla, attended the banquet of the gods (as portrayed in the Lokasenna), hosted by Ægir. There, he exchanges insults with Loki, who had recently insulted Freyr.

In the Lokasenna[]

Byggvir only appears in the Lokasenna;


Had I birth so famous
as Ingvnar-Freyr,
And sat in so lofty a seat,
I would crush to marrow
this croaker of ill,
And beat all his body to bits."


"What little creature
goes crawling there,
Snuffling and snapping about?
At Freyr's ears ever
wilt thou be found,
Or muttering hard at the mill."


"Byggvir my name,
and nimble am I,
As gods and men do grant;
And here am I proud
that the children of Hropt 6
Together all drink ale."


"Be silent, Byggvir!
thou never couldst set
their shares of the meat for men;
Hid in straw on the floor,
they found thee not
When heroes were fain to fight."

After this exchange of insults, Heimdall tells Loki he is drunk.

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