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Threefuries Threefuries 13 days ago


hi i'm threefuries and i like greek mythology, so yeah lol

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Top2456 Top2456 26 days ago

Monsters of the Mind (Remake)

  • 1 Greek Mythology
  • 2 Folklore
  • 3 Dragons
  • 4 Halloween Monsters
  • 5 Sea Monsters
  • 6 Monsters of Today
  • 7 Literary Monsters
  • 8 Monsters of the Movies

  • Cyclops
  • Gorgons
  • Minotaur
  • Centaur
  • Chimaera
  • Hydra
  • Cerberus
  • Pegasus
  • Sphinx
  • Ladon
  • Phoenix
  • Griffin
  • Sirens
  • Harpies
  • Typhon
  • Echidna
  • Argus Panoptes
  • Antmen
  • Orthus
  • Stymphalian Birds
  • Nemean Lion
  • Erymanthian Boar
  • Calydonian Boar
  • Karkinos

  • Grendel
  • Nuckelavee
  • Unicorn
  • Sleipnir
  • Qilin
  • Perytons
  • Manticore
  • Wendigo
  • Camazotz
  • Ahuizotl
  • Piasa
  • Roc
  • Ogre
  • Sekhmet
  • Anubis
  • Banshee
  • Cthulhu
  • Fenrir
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Spring-Heeled Jack
  • Selkie
  • Salamander
  • Hippogriff
  • Scorpion Man
  • Golem
  • Skeletal Warrior
  • Catoblepas
  • Cockatrice
  • Ganesha
  • Garuda
  • Kappa
  • Tengu
  • Oni
  • Yuki-Onna
  • Nure‑Onna
  • Rokurokubi
  • Gashadokuro
  • Itsumade
  • Fenghuang
  • Shiva
  • Yale
  • Troll
  • Azhi Dahaka
  • Mermaid
  • Behemoth
  • Ziz
  • Satan
  • Gogmagog

  • European Dragon
  • Wyvern
  • Chinese Dragon
  • Japanese Dragon
  • Pelu…

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SJB1995 SJB1995 5 July

Short film: My Last Day

My Last Day is a 2011 Christian anime short film created by The Jesus Film Project, with Barry Cook and STUDIO4°C. The story unfolds through the eyes of a criminal who receives the same crucifixion sentence as Jesus Christ. This is a short film of regret, repentance and redemption.

The film begins with a prisoner watching from the prison bars as Jesus gets flogged in Pilate’s courtyard. He remembers Jesus teaching and wonders why they’re hurting an innocent man. Horrified, he remembers his own crime: He’s in an alley with a rich gentleman. Holding him up with a knife, he tries to take a box of coins and belongings. The thief is nervous so when he tries to go after the man, he fumbles. The man fights him with the box. Coins go flying. The thi…

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CutieNini CutieNini 13 January

Cold Love

The myth of Pygmalion and Galatea, but if Aphrodite ignored the man's wishes.

In an old shed with mould covered walls and broken doors, sat a lonely sculptor. The stench of sweat and rotting wood danced around him. He sat to admire his work, searching for an imperfection. The sculptor’s chisel fell to the ground. Awe and fear scattered across his face. His masterpiece was finally complete. There were no imperfections. Before his hollow- eyes stood his marbled love. She stared at the sculptor with emotionless eyes. The man crawled across the filth to touch the plump thigh of his sculpted lover.

Upon his lover’s bleached skin remained the sculptor’s grimy fingerprints. For the first time in years, the sculptor smiled, causing his dried lips to…

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 11 January

Tikis, Volcanoes and Mythological creatures

Aloha/Kia ora,

Do you like tikis, Pacific Islands and mythology? Then you should check out! Adding new pages on Polynesian mythology on a regular basis.

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Mrgrim4563 Mrgrim4563 27 November 2021

My second name

If you know yoki and enjoy them my aka name is well aka-name

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 28 October 2021

Norse Mythology

Hello everyone,

Do you like Norse mythology? I have several upcoming projects related to Norse mythology, including a film in Old Norse about Þjálfi and Röskva, a documentary on Scandinavian trolls and this Halloween costume of me as Tyr getting his arm bitten off by Fenrir. I'll keep you all posted on the development of these projects!

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Brailiebox Brailiebox 7 October 2021

braithology categorization

classes, levels, titles, and ranks. the class/level/title/rank system, or the categorization system. a way for me to put my characters into neat little boxes! also helpful if i ever make gacha game out of this.

(below this point has been copy pasted from the official document! original doc can be found here)


What they are & how they work

An Official Braithology Document


So, what are classes, levels, titles, and ranks?

  • CLASS - the height of a given character’s status or power within braithology
  • LEVEL - how powerful a given character is within their class
  • TITLE - an arbitrary term used to show what a character’s abilities are
  • RANK - how hard/rare a character is to obtain

CLASSES are measured …

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Brailiebox Brailiebox 6 October 2021

wham! bam! braithology!

hi hi!!! i was told to post my au content here so thats what i will do!!

quick note!! if something is this color, it is a link and you can click on it! certain words or terms have a link explaining it or the context, so if you don't understand something be sure to check the link!

introduction .. so, a short rundown of what this is all about: i make mythology content, but different. i basically just take stuff from mythology and change it to make it my own! so like characters, myths, places, relationships, and everything else you can think of. here is the official project website if you're interested!

the bulk of this first post will be me explaining all of the characters, so yeah! let's get into it

we can start with.... the olympians! (i'll go in…

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 4 July 2021

A Japanese Legend

Do you have a fascination with old Japanese myths and legends? Japanese mythology is full of epic tales of adventure along with deep reflections on life. Here is a link to the trailer for my upcoming short film inspired by the Japanese legend of Yasuke, the black samurai.

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DCOMadicted23 DCOMadicted23 5 May 2021

Ayo! I'm New!

Hello! I'm dcom, and I am new here! I made an edit or two, and I'll check out the discussions. This wiki is awesome! I'm a PJO\MC\HoO\ToA fan, but my fascination for myths started back when I was like six. My first grade year we did World History, and spent a month or two on the Greeks. I was fascinated with Sparta, where I learned it's said that Sparta is Ares' city. Ares led me to learn about Greek mythology, that led me to read PJO, and then got me into Norse myths (YAS). I now do a lot of myth incoperated writing, mostly Norse rn. You can find me on Quotev here:

I also love the music produced by League of Legends, MCU, Becky G, Zendaya, DuckTales, Narnia, Star Wars, and more.

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Parker Green Parker Green 2 April 2021

The Faun

The faun (Capranthropus faunus) also known as the "silenos" or the "satyr" is a bipedal bovid native to Greece and Rome, but originally came from Planet Olympus. Males are more common than females, and they were believed to be an all-male species for a while too.

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JaFoReCe JaFoReCe 9 March 2021

About Akkor-kamuy

There are few things I want to point out regarding this entity.

At-kor-kamuy [アッコロカムイ/大章魚] is a mythological monster from the Ainu legends literally meaning “deity (kamuy) with tentacles (at-kor)” in Ainu language. The origin of At-kor-kamuy, according to Ainu people’s oral tradition from Toyo-ura Town [豊浦町] in Abuta District [虻田郡] (Hokkaido), tells how a giant spider called Yauskep [ヤウシケプ] emerged from earth and began destroying the villages. Upon hearing the villager’s cry for help, the Ainu deities appointed Repun-kamuy [レプンカムイ] to solve the problem; deity of sea/ocean in the Ainu Mythology. In order to save the villagers, Repun-kamuy drew Yauskep into the Gulf of Funka [噴火湾] (today’s Gulf of Uchiura [内浦湾]) and transformed the giant spid…

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Parker Green Parker Green 7 March 2021


The Olympians are a race of energy-based beings from an extradimensional planet called "Olympus", who were worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Romans. But since humanity has long outgrown their need for deities, they no longer seek worship, and thus returned to their homeworld. As for their past attitudes, being immortal gave them plenty of time to reflect on their past misdeeds and nowadays they've decided to better themselves.

Their lineage can be traced back to insanely large humanoids known as the "Titans", specifically as offspring of the ones named "Rhea" and "Kronos".

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 11 January 2021

Yeti Film

After years in the making, the first installment in the Cryptidz Cinematic Universe is finally here! Shot entirely in the Tibetan language. Don't forget to watch the post credits scene! Have a happy Halloween!

I just shot a short horror film on the legend of the Yeti. The film is entirely in the Tibetan language (english subs) and set in the Himalayan mountains.

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 15 December 2020

Roman Mythology Film

I'm thinking of doing a film on Roman mythology, mainly the founding of Rome and the sons of Mars, the god of war. Let me know your thoughts.

Raised by a wolf and adopted by shepherds, the twins Romulus and Remus are unaware of their royal blood and that they are demigods, sons of the war god Mars. It is the dawn of a new empire, one that would change the world forever.

  • Romulus
  • Remus
  • Amulius
  • Rhea Silvia
  • The Wolf
  • Numitor
  • Mars, bringer of war
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SJB1995 SJB1995 7 November 2020

Elements based on Norse mythology

Space Wolves Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, from Warhammer 40,000.

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SJB1995 SJB1995 19 October 2020

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

In the year of Our Lord

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Tragould Tragould 24 August 2020

Dragon Family

The Dragon Family is a species of the same category of how the world had viewed Dragons, the example is in that the East had Long/Asian Dragon and Drukk/Arctic Dragon as how the east had viewed dragons of the culture. While the Americas had Coatl and Amphiptere that are Serpents with Wings as the East viewed them as gods. But the complete Serpentine like the Leviathan/Sea Orc that always labeled as Dragons of the Sea and the Wyrm/Basilisk as seen in most of English to Irish Folklore as images of the Devil. The unusual is the Hydra which has multi heads, and the Basilisk/Tarasque with multiple legs and eyes. The ones more similar to Dinosaurs are the Wyvern similar to the Therapods like T-Rex and The Dragonette similar to the Bird footed Din…

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SJB1995 SJB1995 15 July 2020

What-to-do lists

  • Making Norse heroes & items' articles
  • Vampire & undead films and anime pages
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Laminalnihan Laminalnihan 8 April 2020

Rings of power in Norse mythology

Among the vikings, the ring was a potent symbol of power, fortune and fame. A gift of honor and form of currency, it was also sometimes a royal heirloom. The magic rings of Norse mythology were also symbols of destiny and, in their bleakest form, symbols of doom. One famous example was the cursed ring, Andvarinaut, which blighted many lives. Another ring of doom was Thor's Domhring, formed by a circle of stone statues surrounding a punishment pillar in front of his temple. The Domhring possibly symbolized the inevitability of retribution. Much more joyous and fabulous rings were Odin's astounding Draupnir which literally dripped eight similar gold rings every nine days; or Thor's Oath Ring, a symbol of fair play and good faith. The rings o…

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 14 February 2020

I made it into a Film Festival!

It's official! My caribbean mythology short film made it into the 5th Biannual Simian Jimmy Short Film Festival as Official Selection. Simian Jimmy is a YouTuber with 154 thousand subscribers



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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 6 February 2020

Voodoo and Caribbean mythology

Check out this video I made on Haitian Voodoo.

It features the Loa spirits, such as Legba and Baron Samedhi .  Learn real magic! 

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Baron Samedi Ghede Baron Samedi Ghede 27 January 2020

Haitian Mythology Wiki

If you like African and Caribbean mythology, check out

It's cool

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Loki42 Loki42 30 March 2019


Hello, people of said “seemingly inactive” wiki. My name is Gabe, otherwise known as *reads username* Loki42.

I’ve been interested in mythology for a long time. And I’ve joined the Fandom a few years ago. But it only occurred to me recently to start showing my love for these things. So here I am I suppose.

Now, this isn’t my first time editing pages, and since I’ve read all of the Percy Jackson books I should be an expert on all of this (that was a joke btw 😁). I’ve done a bit of java programming blah, blah, blah I’ll just cut to the point.

I’m interested in working on editing this wiki for a long while.

Cya in a bit, i suppose...

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TheAsgardianMay TheAsgardianMay 9 October 2017

Norse Gods

I like how most of the Norse Gods are heroes and they care about saving lives. TheAsgardianMay (talk) 15:36, October 9, 2017 (UTC)

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NorseMay NorseMay 3 September 2017


I think Thor is the greasts and strongest of all the gods of mythology. NorseMay (talk) 22:33, September 3, 2017 (UTC)

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Creatures and Beings of China Folklore and Lower Mythology

As now it is Chinese New Year, I want to write something about Chinese culture. I have held a poll to ask everyone if they wanted more articles about Chinese culture. However, although the answers were yes, there were only 3 people voted. Therefore, I now write the Chapter 0 to see your reaction about that and think if it should be continued.

Chapter 0 will be more interested by you as it is about Chinese legend monsters. After reading it, you may use the ideas from this article to make a new Kaiju. Ancient China has a ton of legend monsters. This article will only focus on some of them.

Before introducing the monsters, I am going to introduce an ancient book called Shan Hai Jing (山海經). Most of the Chinese legend monsters have been recorded …

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Aokakesu za fenikkusu Aokakesu za fenikkusu 29 September 2016

I'm a flame bird.

Hi. I'm a Phoenix. I have my own article on this wiki. Do you ur own page on this wiki? Caw. Caw.


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Smallvilleantonio Smallvilleantonio 17 August 2016

Credits for Images and Photos

Good day,

I was just thinking the other day, that when we post an image of a photo, sculpture or painting, or any type of depiction, if possible, make sure to credit the person responsible for the image, if possible. This would included on the caption for the image. 

I dont mean for any of you to spent hours searching who made what, just that in the case you come across the name of the author, include it if you can.


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RedstoneDemigod RedstoneDemigod 6 August 2016


Hey there. As everyone on this wiki has noticed, the admins are inactive, and this is a problem as we can't delete unneeded pages and protect the wiki from trolls and vandals. I can't stand to see a wiki without active staff, so I have decided to adopt the wiki. To do this I need the support of all active users, so please leave a comment to show your opinion. I have been using wikis for more than a year, and I have succesfully adopted a wiki before, so I know how the process works. I am also an admin on another wiki, so I know what I'm doing when it comes to managing a community. And I have some coding experience so I can manage the CSS and JS of the wiki, and create userboxes and templates for everyone to use. I will leave this blog up f…

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Aggression25 Aggression25 17 December 2015

Your favorite creature of myth

What is your favorite creature of myth that interests you?

Is it the giant?

The sphinx?



You tell me. --Aggression25 (talk) 19:56, December 17, 2015 (UTC)

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Hi if I can help you anything just tell me!

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Happychickenvermin Happychickenvermin 18 November 2014

New Mythology Wiki Favicon

The Wiki is in need of a new favicon (the little icon that appears in the corner of this tab). If you have an appropriate proposal, please don't hesitate to suggest it in the comment section (preferably with a link to a picture).


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Kenwood75 Kenwood75 19 November 2013


I would've gotten to my introduction last night, but it was late and I had no straight thoughts going through my head. But it's the morning now, and I have some coffee to keep me charged. So let's begin with my introduction, shall we?

I'm Ken, but you'll come to know me as Kenwood. I joined this wiki after I noticed a small spelling error on the flying Dutchman page late last night, so I decided to join the wiki, and hey, I figured why not stick around and do somethings on this website, get to know the community around here, make some new friends, and all that jazz.

In my spare time, I love to roleplay on the formspring website, along with a forum called the Bitlands. Though I stop to make some awful doodles here and there, while finding tim…

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Supershemy Supershemy 13 October 2013


Since Im now in the middle of studying mythology I think I can really help this wiki but I cant do it myself so if anyone want to help me just speak up.

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Croon Croon 11 June 2013

Back on the Mythology Wiki

I was already active here in 2010, but left Wikia behind for a long time, only logging in at very rare occations. But now I'm back, and I will be editing the Mythology Wiki, more particular the Norse Mythology, since that is my specialty.

I hope you will appreciate my editing. And I apologise for my sometimes bad English.

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EmmanuelDavid EmmanuelDavid 15 May 2013



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Icecream18 Icecream18 23 March 2013

Do you guys believe in the myths?

Do you?

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Happychickenvermin Happychickenvermin 26 February 2013



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Lesvos Lesvos 9 January 2013



Once upon a time there lived a bird of fire. It laid no eggs and had no young. It lived in peace in a far away desert land. It was here when time began and is still living today hidden in a far away land living its life in peace. Its name is the Phoenix, the bird of fire and the bird of the sun. And that is where our story begins when the sun called out to it and saw its shimmering fathers of fire red and golden, Royal blue, and forest green yet silver as a still lake all at the same time. As bright and beautiful as the sun itself .seeing all its glory the sun called out to it “Phoenix bird of fire, you shall be my creature and live for ever as I shall.” Live forever the phoenix was overjoyed and through back his head proud and stro…

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Akamichi Akamichi 12 December 2012

Abominable Snowman/Yeti Captured in Russia

At a 2011 conference in Russia, participating scientists and enthusiasts declared having "95% evidence" of the Yeti's existence. However, this claim was disputed later; American anthropologist and anatomist Jeffrey Meldrum, who was present during the Russian expedition, claimed the "evidence" found was simply an attempt by local officials to drum up publicity.

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ISodium ISodium 1 November 2012

Infobox revamp preview!

I've made a new redesign for the wiki's infoboxes. In the coming days/weeks, this new design will take over for all existing infobox templates. It will have minor tweaks in the next couple days, but the overall design is final. View it here! Please provide some feedback!

Improvements made:

  • Links to affiliated wiki restored and fixed its problems
  • Smaller sized font, width of box, and image size reduced from 250px to 150px
  • Transparency so you can see the background behind it!
  • Actual "caption" field added (the "Title" field was used as a substitute before by some users)
  • Language field added (for example, you can put the Greek name of Zeus, Ζεύς, in there and so on with other languages and such)
  • That and a few more minor improvements!
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ISodium ISodium 17 October 2012


In order to celebrate Halloween, we have updated our logo and wiki style in the Oasis skin only to have halloweeny colors. All we need is a cool, slick mythology/paganism and halloween-related background picture. We hope to enter this year's Wikia halloween contest so please suggest a background if you can.

EDIT: We are set to rock and roll. In other words, we have a background and have signed up for the Halloween contest.

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GreekFreak23 GreekFreak23 5 September 2012

look alikes (sorta)

Heres some more Kid Icarus Uprising characters based on Greek characters but with different names.

Yep thats alot and theres still more!

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ISodium ISodium 30 August 2012

Mythology Wiki on Wikia Home page!!!

Hey guys, I just wanted to quickly share with y'all that, thanks to the new Promote feature, I was able to get our wiki on Wikia's main page. Though it took a few minutes of refreshing, I finally managed to find it. Hopefully it'll attract more users to our beloved wiki.

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GreekFreak23 GreekFreak23 19 August 2012


Hi.....the end.

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ISodium ISodium 7 July 2012

Chatting with the admin on Live Chat

Hey, Mythology Wiki users! I will start scheduled times where I will be available to be chatted with on the wiki's Live Chat. During these scheduled sessions, you may ask any questions regarding the wiki or other Wikia wikis and/or just chat with me and get to know me better. I will post new schedules either daily or weekly so pay attention to my blog if you're interested. Also keep in mind that all times are eastern standard time (EST), so please make sure that if you're in a different time zone to make the necessary conversions so that you have the correct time. Also also keep in mind that I may not be able to make it and in that case I will post a blog post with cancelled times before the scheduled session.

  • July 7, 2012 (tonight): 11:00 P…
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BoneFletch BoneFletch 29 June 2012


Mythology wiki - class!!!! :)

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ISodium ISodium 8 May 2012

Expanding our topic

As many of you obivously know, Mythology Wiki is an online resource dedicated to having the utmost best information on mythology, legends, and folklore. Now Mythology Wiki is expanding its topic to have information not just on the previously stated subjects, but also on these subjects' impact on modern popular culture (pop culture). We will have information on modern literature, television programming, comics, films, video games, and other media that are heavily influenced by mythology, legends, and folklore. We will not provide too depth of a coverage upon these subjects (such as individual pages for video game characters will not be available) and suggest that the readers search for better coverage upon them on wikis specifically dedicat…

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