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The Argives were originally the inhabitants of Argos but the name later came to refer to all the Greeks.

Athena guides Diomedes



  1. Phoroneus, son of Inachus the river god
  2. Apis, son of Phoroneus
  3. Argos, grandson of Phoroneus
  4. Criasos, son of Argos
  5. Phorbas, son of Criasos
  6. Triopas, son of Phorbas
  7. Jasus, son of Phorbas
  8. Crotopos, son of Triopas
  9. Sthenelos, son of Jasus
  10. Gelanor, son of Phorbas


  1. Danaus, son of Belus, grandson of Poseidon, brother of Aegyptus, distant cousin  of Gelanor
  2. Lynceus, son of Aegyptus, son-in-law of Danaus
  3. Abas, son of Lynceus
  4. Proetus, son of Abas, also first king of Mycenae, which was split from Argos, son-in-law of Iobates of Lycia
  5. Acrisius, son of Abas
  6. Perseus, grandson of Acrisius, son of Zeus, traded his kingdom to Megapenthes for Mycenae
  7. Megapenthes, son of Proteus
  8. Argeos, son of Megapenthes
  9. Anaxagoras, son of Argeos, split the kingdom into three parts

Melampids (One-Third)[]

  1. Melampus, son of Amythaon, grandson of Cretheus, brother of Bias
  2. Antiphates, son of Melampus
  3. Oecles, son of Antiphates
  4. Amphiarus, son of Oecles
  5. Amphilochus, son of Amphiarus, bequeathed his share to Sthenelus

Biaids (One-Third)[]

  1. Bias, son of Amythaon, grandson of Cretheus, brother of Melampus
  2. Talaus, son of Bias
  3. Adrastus, son of Talaus
  4. Diomedes, maternal grandson of Adrastus, son of Tydeus, grandson of Oeneus of Aetolia
  5. Cyanippus, grandson of Adrastus, bequeathed his share to Cylabares

Aegyptiads (One-Third)[]

  1. Alector, son of Anaxagoras
  2. Iphis, son of  Anaxaogoras
  3. Sthenelius, son of Iphis, received another third from Amphilochus of the Melampids

Aegyptiads (Restored)[]

  1. Sthenelus
  2. ​Cylabares, son of Sthenelus, received another third from Cyanippus of the Biaids thus reuniting the kingdom


  1. Orestes, son of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra, seized the vacant throne of Argos, also king of Mycenae and Sparta
  2. Tisamenus, son of Orestes and Hermione, also king of Mycenae and Sparta


  1. Temenus, son of Aristomachus, grandson of Cleodamus, great-grandson of Hyllus, great-great-grandson of Heracles  and Deinaeira.
  2. Deiphontes, son-in-law of Temenus
  3. Cissus, son of Temenus
  4. Lacidaus, son of Cissus
  5. Meltas, son of Lacidaus, was killed by the Argives and the monarchy converted into a democracy