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the Aethiopians were, in Greek mythology, a peoples who lived south of Egypt.

Eos mourns the death of her son Memnon

They were known for their piety and humility and the gods lived amongst them when outside of Greece.


  1. Agaptolemus
  2. Chaetus, son of Agaptolemus
  3. Cepheus, son of Poseidon, grandson of Chaetus
  4. Clymenus, son of Cepheus
  5. Merops, son Clymenus, step-father of Phaethon (really son of Apollo)
  6. Epaphus, son-in-law of Merops, son of Zeus
  7. Emathion, son of Merops
  8. Phineus, great-grandson of Clymenus
  9. Cepheus, son of Phineus, father of Andromeda and father-in-law of Perseus of Mycenae and Argos, husband of Cassiopeia
  10. Istrus, grandson of Phineus
  11. Chalcidonus, son of Istrus
  12. Polyctor, son of Chalcidonus
  13. Memnon, son-in-law of Polyctor, son of Eos and Tithonus of Troy

    Phaethon falls from the sky