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Adno-artina appears in the stories of the Diyari people, Indigenous Australians who live near Lake Eyre in South Australia, as a gecko who fought the dog Marindi. According to one of the myths, during the fight, Marindi's blood fell on rocks and dyed them red - the source of the ochre is a quarry at Pukardu Hill at a site dual-named by the Government of South Australia as "Parachilna Ochre Mine"/"Vukartu Ithapi" and which is located about 19 kilometres (12 mi) south-east of Parachilna in the locality of Flinders Ranges.

The Battle and the Bloodshed[]

One day, Adnoartina saw Marindi passing by the dry bed of a water course. He spoke and challenged Marindi: “Come out and fight.” Marindi agreed to the fight, but the gecko, seeing Marindi's huge teeth, decided the battle should be put off until the evening when he would be able to see better. the lizard tied a string around the root of his tail to prevent courage from leaving his body. As they fought, Adno-artina seized Marindi by the throat. the dog's blood poured out and dyed all of the rocks in the creek red. To this day red ochre used extensively for decorative purposes, is obtained from the spot where the battle took place.